background – what is it?

We have developed a world leading technology solution that powers our operating business model for online grocery retail; recently we have used this technology to build our non-food destination stores. Although we developed this solution to power the Ocado retail business, it was always our intention that one day we would make this technology available to other retailers. The deal we signed with Morrisons in 2013 to put their grocery business online was an important step on that journey.

To remain at the forefront of change in the grocery industry it is important that our technology solutions are able to take advantage of the latest developments in using cloud and next-generation software tools.

Therefore, before we make our solution available to multiple retailers in multiple countries, we have chosen to undertake a major replatforming exercise, using the expertise of the Ocado technology team. This involves migrating our solution to the cloud and in the process, transforming our technology stacks.

What are the benefits?

Replatforming will enable us to evolve our customer offer with much greater speed and reliability for our existing retail businesses and for those of our existing and future partners, as well as facilitate international expansion through faster replication, improved business agility and scalability and reduced maintenance overheads.


The replatforming project commenced in 2014 , with the first phase due to be completed during 2015. The project is a continuous process where discrete elements can be utilised as they are completed, with the entire replatformed systems being introduced over the time of the project.

Key elements to replatforming

  • Modularising our software and services to:
    • Allow parallel development, deployment and faster experimentation
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Facilitate integration with third party products/services
    • Facilitate internationalisation
  • Transforming the technology stacks to deliver:
    • Improved developer productivity through access to the latest development tools
    • Improved reliability
    • Faster rollout of new software
  • Migrating systems to the cloud to:
    • Reduce costs and timescales for international deployments
    • Deliver better integration with partners
    • Deliver access to third party cloud-based SaaS products
    • Reduce/remove the need to build more data centres.
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We have developed a world leading technology solution that powers our operating business model for online grocery retail