Accounting policies

Available-for-sale financial assets

Available-for-sale financial assets are those non-derivatives that are not designated as held for trading or that are not designated as "at fair value through profit and loss". They are included in non-current assets unless the investment matures or management intends to dispose of it within 12 months of the end of the reporting period. Management considers that the Group's investments fall within this category as explained below.


Available-for-sale investments are held at fair value if this can be reliably measured. If the equity instruments are not quoted in an active market and their fair value cannot be reliably measured, the available-for-sale investment is carried at cost, less accumulated impairment. Unless the valuation falls below its original cost, gains and losses arising from changes in fair value of available-for-sale assets are recognised directly in equity. On disposal the cumulative net gain or loss is transferred to the statement of comprehensive income. Valuations below cost are recognised as impairment losses in the income statement. Dividends are recognised in the income statement when the right to receive payment is established.

 30 November
1 December
Unlisted equity investment — cost and net book value0.40.4

The unlisted equity investment comprises a 25% interest in Paneltex Limited ("Paneltex"), which has not been treated as an associated undertaking as the Group does not have significant influence over the company. In arriving at this decision, the Board has reviewed the conditions set out in IAS 28 "Investments in Associates" and concluded that despite the size of its holding it is unable to participate in the financial and operating policy decisions of Paneltex due to the position of the majority shareholder as Executive Managing Director. The relationship between the Group and the company is at arm's length.

The shares of Paneltex are not quoted in an active market and their fair value cannot be reliably measured. As such, the investment in Paneltex is measured at cost less accumulated impairment.

The Group does not intend to dispose of this investment in the foreseeable future.